Happy Mothers’ Day Wishes to All!

It is a great day, and a rare one, when we all together salute and thank and celebrate the best people of our lives – our Mothers, who far too often go unsung.

Just a brief glance back in history shows us two shining examples of unsung Maternal (and Human!) excellence; women who were both wives and mothers, wellsprings of support for great men, but also huge creative talents in their own right: Fanny Mendelssohn and Clara Wieck Schumann.

Fanny Mendelssohn

Fanny Mendelssohn, sister of Felix, was born like her illustrious brother with prodigious talents and gifts for music, but in the early 19th century was neither encouraged nor trained for a career as a composer. She was a source of expert counsel and advice to her brother in his career as composer and conductor, but never pursued one of her own. She married and had a child, and although she composed 466 pieces of music, she was virtually unpublished in her lifetime. Generations later her talent and accomplishments were recognized for their great worth.

Have a listen:
Lied: Larghetto from Song Without Words, Op. 8, No.3
Piano Trio Op. 11 Mvt IV Finale – Allegro Moderato

Clara Schumann

Clara Wieck was a brilliantly gifted young pianist and composer who captured the heart of Robert Schumann – when finally her father approved the marriage, the Schumann’s were wed, and Clara set her ambitions (somewhat) to the side… Clara raised seven children, performing on concert tour after tour, and continuing to compose as she supported Robert. She continued on with motherhood and career through her husband’s mental illness and forty years after his death… and serving as muse, inspiration, and support to Johannes Brahms through his adult life. Her strength in achieving her successes, while raising her children and caring for her husband, was truly astonishing.

Hear works by Clara Schumann:
Piano Concerto in A Minor Op. 7 Allegro Maestoso
Piano Trio in G Minor Op. 17 Andante

These stories are remarkable only in the scale of these mothers’ gifts and achievements – they are otherwise typical and characteristic of what mothers have been doing, and continue to do, through the millennia – they do it all with unknowable strength and love.

So today, and tomorrow and after, let us sing our mothers’ praises and thank them for their song!

We are all your creations, and we
Thank you all!

Post By: David Commanday
Artistic Director / Conductor of the Heartland Festival Orchestra


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